July 17, 2013

Word Work Wednesday

Yesterday, I recommended that parents download the app Spelling City.
Spelling City is a fantastic resource for teachers and students. I have used the site for several years both in first and third grade. As a teacher, I enter our weekly word wall words under my account. Students then can play games and take practice tests to prepare for our weekly assessment.

Well, our very generous PTO has awarded me a grant to purchase a Premium Membership for EACH third grader! Woo Whoo! What does this mean? More games, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, interactive and printable flashcards, and individual student log ins! And for me...time. Yes, time! Our weekly assessments give a lot of great data, but are very time consuming with several lists. The assessments took up over half of our block time each Friday. Now, students will take the weekly assessments online. I get automatic test results and record keeping. So I can see progress throughout the year. In addition, I can group lists and students. I'm ecstatic! Parents, much more information will be given as we begin the new school year, but if you have a mobile device, please download the app. Happy Wednesday! some_text

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