July 16, 2013

Tech Tuesday

We just returned from Hilton Head and it was fabulous! We were blessed with gorgeous weather and a beautiful view from our condo. As Trent headed back to work, I decided it was time to think about the new year. I cannot wait to welcome in the new third graders. I know most of the students from when they were firsties.
This year I want to improve upon my use of technology in the classroom. I...do...not...have...a...SmartBoard! Let's just say I missed it a little more than I thought I would. I am lucky to have a projector in the classroom and it was used on a daily basis.  From a grant, we did receive Kindles. We have six for third grade and they are loaded with books! They are the basic model, but the kids LOVE to use them.

From the same grant, we also received 2 iPods. These are used during stations. We have several apps and I will be adding more prior to the start of school. Families, here is one app I recommend you download before school begins.

 I will be talking more about Spelling City tomorrow, but we used this app weekly in our classroom and will be using it much more this year. It is a free download.

I'm off to explore more technology! Stay cool!


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